What is CenterForLit Schools?

The task of a literature teacher should be nothing more than equipping students to carefully read and engage with great books. A student who can read with understanding and enter thoughtful conversation about an author’s ideas in the classroom has successfully achieved a literary education. The problem is, this kind of education isn’t necessarily measurable, quantifiable, recordable, or verifiable. In short, it's not deliverable. Yet we teachers face the demand for documentation from two directions: parents, and administration. This of course is always the problem with real education - how do we prove it? How do we document it? How do we verify it? Especially since the traditional methods of worksheets, book reports, and recall tests can often hinder our most important work, which is teaching good, literary reading and instilling a love for the classics.

Over 15 years ago CenterForLit designed Teaching the Classics as a way to guide teachers in the task of passing their own literary education on to students by means of simple stories and the Socratic method. Now, in CenterForLit Schools, we have expanded the Teaching the Classics method into a series of verifiable literary core skills, which chart a student’s progress from the Grammar to the Logic to the Rhetoric-levels of good reading. This list of skills can unify a group of teachers in a school environment as they set out to build upon each other’s work to provide a K-12 literary education.

A subscription to CenterForLit Schools also comes with access to over 200 assignment templates, keyed to the literary core skills and applicable to any book list. Unlike the sterile “worksheet” or “workbook” approach, these assignments work with the teacher to train the students in the skills of good reading. There is, therefore, no busy work for the student as they are continuing the work of thoughtfully engaging the text in their homework - and there is no busy work for the teacher, as a set of deliverables and assessments has already been designed for them.

Benefits of CenterForLit Schools include:

  • Access to the Literary Core Skills Document and over 200 editable assignment templates

  • Annual and daily lesson planners

  • Registration for monthly, live workshop webinars covering topics such as composition, daily work, lesson planning, and more

  • Professional development training videos

  • Our Quick Card library (short reference sheets outlining the major structural elements of individual titles) and Teacher Guide library (model Teaching the Classics-style discussions for individual titles)

  • A lesson sharing forum where teachers can share ideas and inspiration

  • Option to earn professional development credit as a teacher and track professional development credit as an administrator

To learn more, schedule a webinar tour of the website, or register your institution for CenterForLit Schools, please email i.andrews@centerforlit.com.