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CenterForLit Schools membership comes with access to well over 200 templates for literature assignments and deliverables. Eschewing busy work for both the student and the teacher, each assignment is geared toward implementing one of our literary core skills for good reading. Below you can find three ways of searching and sorting our assignment template library.

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Literary Core Skills

Explore deliverable assignments according to the core skills they address, G1 - R24, as outlined in the Literary Core Skills Overview document. As skills build upon each other, this is a great way to familiarize yourself with the program.


The Trivium

Sort deliverable assignments according to the stages of the Trivium: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric.



Elements of Fiction

Sort deliverable assignments according to the element of fiction they address, including Plot, Conflict, Setting, Character, Theme, Poetry, Worldview, Biblioscopic Dialogue, and Composition.


Literary Core Skills

The Literary Core Skills (G1 - R24) are generally designed to build upon one another to grow a student’s capacity for literary reading. Even though a teacher may jump in to the middle of the skills and their accompanying assignments as necessary and desired, it should be known that - for example - an R23 assignment assumes competence with the R18 skill. Therefore, becoming acquainted with the Literary Core Skills Roadmap document will be helpful to the teacher just being introduced to CenterForLit Schools.

Visit the Literary Core Skills Roadmap

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The Trivium

The Literary Core Skills and their accompanying Assignments are divided according to the three stages of the Trivium. Visit the Literary Core Skills Overview document to see the progression of skills at each stage, or select a stage below to see assignments appropriate for that level.



Elements of Fiction

The Deliverable Assignments are designed to grow students’ skills in recognizing and interpreting each element of fiction, as well as other elements of literature and composition. Choose an element below to see assignments that emphasize skills in that area.