In-Service Courses

Choose from the course list below to develop proficiency in the Teaching the Classics pedagogy, consider literary and educational philosophy, and earn credit toward your CenterForLit Schools certification.


 Teaching the Classics (Orientation #1)

This foundational seminar demonstrates a simple, accessible method for reading and teaching literature. The Teaching the Classics approach is based on a simple premise: to understand, we must ask questions. We therefore promote oral discussion, as opposed to fill-in-the-blank homework, as the best way to cultivate a love of literature at every level. This approach greatly reduces the demands on the teacher, who need not be an expert, but is free instead to assume the role of fellow learner beside his or her students!

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Principles and Practice (Orientation #2)

Principles and Practice is a required 3.5-hour training course introducing the design and functionality of CenterForLit Schools. It assumes completion of the Teaching the Classics Basic Seminar. Upon finishing this course, teachers will be familiar with the CenterForLit Schools website and equipped to implement the literary core skills and accompanying assignments into their classrooms.


WorldView Detective

Worldview Detective helps teachers guide students beyond the basic question "What does the author say?" to tackle the crucial follow-up question: "Is the author telling the truth?" What philosophical premises undergird the author’s ideas? In this 3-hour seminar, Adam and Missy Andrews discuss the secrets of effective worldview analysis, including an exclusive "Socratic List" designed specifically for worldview discussions. 

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Elements of Fiction

In this master class, Adam Andrews works through the five elements of fiction (Setting, Character, Conflict, Plot, and Theme), demonstrating how each element works together with the others to support an artistic whole and enhance the author’s theme. He expands on ideas presented in Teaching the Classics and uses the Socratic questions found there to highlight each element using textual examples from works across the tradition. Episodes do not need to be watched in chronological order. This course is still in the process of being released.


Teachers in Service: Refresh and Recharge

In this seminar, Adam Andrews leads teachers through the process of developing a personal philosophy of education over the course of four engaging sessions. These guided conversations and reflections on some of the tradition’s great works offer the encouragement best afforded by common human experience.


Teachers in Service: Identity

This second Teachers In Service event was designed for teachers seeking to avoid the winter blues. However, it is for any time of year when unmet goals and unfulfilled expectations threaten to sabotage your classroom. The theme is Identity, and we'll be asking and answering questions like: Where Does My Identity Come From? Who Are My Students, and Who Says? What Are My Most Important Goals? and What is the Definition of Success as a Teacher?